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End dateProject title
30/09/2021 Impact evaluation of youth employment measures
20/12/2020 Developing Methodology to Measure the Returns on Investment from Integrated Social Assistance Schemes
31/12/2019 Developing services to open eyes and career opportunities for low skilled Roma youth
30/08/2019 Evaluation of innovative employment programmes for Roma in six Eastern European countries
01/08/2019 Monitoring and evaluation of complex housing and employment services in the Visegrad countries
30/06/2019 Capacity-building for Roma civil society and strengthening its role in the monitoring of National Roma Integration Strategies
31/03/2019 Event-level panel data based health policy evaluation
31/03/2019 Cost estimates of expanding basic social services
28/02/2019 Improving the transparency of Hungarian municipalities
31/12/2018 Development of municipal social services in North Macedonia
31/12/2018 Assessment of the direct social costs of criminalizing homelessness in Hungary
30/11/2018 Expert support for the new European PES Network
25/09/2018 Scenario analysis of the environment of Amnesty International in Hungary
31/05/2018 An intensive meeting package may be effective in early activation
30/04/2018 Mapping flexible financial products for the agricultural sector in Hungary
30/04/2018 Development of Public Employment Services in the Western Balkans
10/03/2018 Identifying factors that determine the success of service integration reforms
31/12/2017 Comprehensive overview of youth policies in Hungary
01/10/2017 Online job vacancies and labour market trends
01/10/2017 Local engagement in Roma integration
30/09/2017 Designing a minimum income scheme for a Budapest district
30/08/2017 Assessment of inclusive entrepreneurship policies in Hungary
30/06/2017 Girls can do it – Supporting non-traditional career choices of women in vocational education
15/06/2017 Improving childcare policies in the CEE/CIS region
31/03/2017 Transparency and public disclosure practices of publicly owned enterprises in Hungary
31/03/2017 Interviews for Ecorys on the toxicity of smoke produced by construction products in fires
01/03/2017 Transparency of municipality owned enterprises in the Visegrad countries
31/12/2016 Mapping and sensitisation training to fight stereotypes about Roma people – A corporate pilot project
31/12/2016 Institutional measures to promote Open Government in Hungary
30/11/2016 Assessing the performance of Public Employment Services
30/11/2016 The regulatory framework of the manufacturing of construction products in the EU
30/11/2016 Administrative costs of imprisonment due to non-payment of regulatory offense fines
30/10/2016 Designing the monitoring system of a mentoring programme
12/10/2016 The Impact of Cohesion Policy on Corruption and Political Favouritism
15/08/2016 PES practices for activating vulnerable jobseekers
31/07/2016 Cross-country study on the basic income security and health protection systems in Central and Eastern Europe
30/04/2016 Social Labyrinth - visualising social dilemma and stereotypes on Roma integration
28/01/2016 Evaluating the application of the EU Directive on the equal treatment for men and women in social security
31/12/2015 The Effect of a School-leaving Age Rise on the Prevalence of Teenage Fertility
31/12/2015 The incentive effects of sickness abscence compensation: analysis of a "natural experiment" in Eastern Europe
10/12/2015 How can the rehabilitation of traumatised refugees be made sustainable in Hungary?
15/11/2015 What works in wage subsidies for young people: A review of issues, theory, policies and evidence
31/10/2015 Extremism and its revival in public debate and political movements in Central Europe
25/10/2015 Immigration helps the career of native workers
06/10/2015 Impact assessment of cultural heritage preservation projects
30/09/2015 Ex post evaluation of financial instruments of the Economic Development Operational Programme
02/08/2015 What kind of remedial interventions work for the long-term unemployed?
01/08/2015 The role of vocational education and training in reducing school drop-out rates
31/07/2015 Transparency of the central government budget – the Hungarian state-of-play
15/06/2015 Inspiring practices in inclusive entrepreneurship policy in Hungary
15/05/2015 Innovative ways to reduce benefit non-take-up
15/04/2015 Changes in the Hungarian welfare model
03/04/2015 Service integration reforms in Europe
28/02/2015 Political barriers to welfare reform
28/02/2015 Cohesion challenges in Central and Eastern Europe
31/12/2014 Social Policy Experimentation: infosession and training
30/11/2014 The price of incarceration
30/11/2014 Policy workshops for V4 think tanks
15/11/2014 PES to PES dialogue in Europe
31/10/2014 Surveying the impact of working time rules
13/08/2014 Lessons learnt from Kiút microfinance programme
30/06/2014 Unit cost calculation methodology and implementation
16/06/2014 Analysis of the PES business model in Europe
15/04/2014 Competition enhancing effects of the reduction of entry-related administrative burdens
15/04/2014 Expected effects of regulatory changes on the Hungarian textbook market
31/03/2014 Developing a monitoring system for NGOs providing employment rehabilitation services
31/03/2014 Prevention of early school leaving in Europe
31/03/2014 Labour supply of households with a disabled member
02/03/2014 The budgetary effects of a hypothetical health intervention
31/01/2014 Social Platform on Innovative Social Services
15/01/2014 European Employment Strategy: Mutual Learning Programme
01/10/2013 Evaluation of active labour market policy measures
30/09/2013 Financing welfare services – international best practices and options for Hungary
31/07/2013 Evaluation of the Roma inclusion impact of two mainstream EU funded employment programmes
30/04/2013 Education in the service of employability, equity and adaptability
01/04/2013 Impact assessment of an EU-funded measure for SME development
30/03/2013 Expanding daycare for children in Hungary
20/03/2013 Quantitative evaluation of healthcare investments
28/02/2013 Public administration reform in Visegrad Countries: Lessons for Belarus and Ukraine
31/12/2012 Developing the local community and economy
26/12/2012 The evolution of day care provision for children under 4 in Visegrad countries
31/10/2012 Budget requirements for Hungary implementing UN’s Protocol to the Convention against Torture
05/08/2012 Review of the performance management system of the Hungarian Public Employment Service
30/06/2012 Estimating the impact of targeted wage subsidies
01/06/2012 Transparency and accountability of public procurement in V4 countries
01/06/2012 Two decades of Hungarian employment policies
30/04/2012 Evaluation of youth employment in Hungary
29/03/2012 How to reduce permanent poverty in Hungary
31/12/2011 Evaluation of a microcredit programme in Hungary ('Kiút' programme)
16/10/2011 Tightening early pension schemes - theory and best practice
15/10/2011 Indicators for measuring social exclusion
16/09/2011 Financing community run schools in Poland
30/08/2011 Efficiency of municipal public works programmes
20/08/2011 The administrative burden on employment
01/07/2011 Cost benefit analysis of active and passive measures for the unemployed
24/06/2011 Estimating the impact of policy interventions in healthcare
31/05/2011 Midterm synthesis evaluation of the Operative Programmes (2007-2013) in Hungary - Business development (quality control)
31/05/2011 Specific analysis of administrative burden in the business sector
31/05/2011 Ageing policy and HR practice - recent developments in Hungary
30/04/2011 The role of the Roma Education Fund in the European Roma policy space